«Premier FOOD» is a national leader in the in the Integrated Catering Services segment.

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Our mission:

We are experts

We help our partners build successful restaurant businesses. We are leaders and we lead our partners to success.

We are responsible

Our meat products are made from real meat and are prepared according to unique recipes. We use special grilling techniques. Our service is impeccable.

We are innovative

We use the latest technology in the production process and we always adhere to the highest standards to achieve the exceptional quality of our products.

We are easy to work with

We provide full support to our partners at every stage of business processes. Delivery at a temperature of -18 ° C, equipment rental, training, marketing and consulting support is just a partof the services we provide.

We are reliable

Consistently high quality and full support of our partners has been the main business principle for more than 12 years.

We are creative

Our team is constantly in search of incredible new ideas to make your business successful for you and attractive to consumers.

We are a team!

We are a team of inspired-minded professionals who are constantly learning, developing and have the ambition to be the best in their field.

Our vision:

Millions of hot dogs, Mr. Grill Burgers and other products that we produce and sell daily will be consumed by people around the world. We strive to satisfy our customers and make them happy and successful.

Our brands:

Our advantages:

The company owns the production unit.
We have full control of all stages of the production.
High quality standards. Best sausages
with 100% meat.
7 000 000 hot dogs
per month.
100% coverage of the territory of Ukraine.
5 meat exporting countries
with Halal certificate.
5000 businesses,
to which we supply food.
Millions of well-fed
and happy consumers.

Company principles:

Quality products
and impeccable service
Respect for each client
and every consumer
in work
Transparency in
any business

Product Delivery:

hot dogs per month
hot dogs per year