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Corporate Culture of Premier FOOD

  • The foundation of the corporate culture of our group of companies is the constant dynamic development of the business, which adheres to ethical rules and legislative norms, moulds the market of food supply torestaurants & catering companies,drives forward the progress of the food industry in Ukraine.
  • We cultivate professional relationships within our team, encourage innovation and automation or processes, create comfortable conditions for workand talent development, as well as create an environment for leaders to perform to their full potential.
  • Our team is pleased to welcome experts in economics, sales, logistics, finance, technical specialties, as well as talent in marketing and HR fields.
  • We are a community of creative professionals with a high level of autonomy in decision making.

Our principles:

  • To be more than just a company.
  • To comply with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.
  • To drive forward the culture of consumption of quality food.
  • To take care ofeach client and ensure that all needs are met.
  • To build relationships and service, not just to sell the product.
  • To daily improve ourselves and our environment.
  • To be loyal to the idea of ​​the company and work in a team of like-minded people.
  • To remember that every employee is the face of the company, and overall success is everyone’s success!


Company management:
Vitaliy Voitovich
Founder, co-owner and General Director (CEO)

B2B division leadership:

Company management:
Julia Vyrva
Commercial Director
Igor Nikolaychuk
Andrey Sozansky
Chief Operating Officer
Vladislav Shalabaev
HR Director

Production division leadership:

Company management:
Natalya Kudelskaya
Executive Director
Alexander Medved
Chief Operating Officer
Natalya Baklashova

B2C division leadership:

Company management:
Natalya Karjakina
Director of Development
Andrey Marchuk
Commercial Director

Restaurant Chain division:

Company management:
Alena Senyuk
Director of Development and Franchising

Vacancies :

Actual vacancies: 7


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